Daughtry Tour Program

I have created concert tour programs for numerous artists, including Beyonc√©, Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson and Nickelback, and for the Nashville Rising all-star benefit concert (led by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, the event raised over $2.2 million for flood victims in Tennessee). Each tour program is a collaboration between the merchandise company, the music artist’s team and me.

Process and Results

For the Daughtry program, the creative process involved selecting from hundreds of photos the shots that best captured the personality and live energy of the band. The book also highlights fun, intimate moments with the band on the road, full biography pages and handwritten notes to the fans.

Everyone loved the book, from the merchandise company to the band to the management team, and most importantly, the fans.

  • Categories:  Visual/UI Design, Merchandise
  • Client: Bravado / Daughtry
  • Project: Concert Tour Program